Trond Jakob Sjøvang

August 23, 2021

Recently I spent a few (too many) hours to rebuild my personal website. It still use Hugo and Tailwind CSS, but I have changed hosting from using a storage account in Azure to using Azure Static Web Apps. The change has brought along some limitations, but it has also made the build pipeline a lot easier.

August 21, 2019

When I’m at home I have setup a Raspberry Pi to run Pi-hole and block pesky advertising.

But. I am not always at home. I also bring my Macbook to work, customers, airports & hotels. I didn’t want to clutter up my system and install Pi-hole natively, so instead I used Docker

May 13, 2019
I recently got a request from one of our customers who have an ERP system where they experience slowness due to high load the first monday and tuesday of every month. They wanted us to implement a scheduled scaling of the machine. As this is a single VM we could only scale up/down by changing the VM Size. The drawback is that this requires a reboot, but as long as you’re aware of the necessary downtime and setup your schedules outside office hours this can be solved easily with Azure Automation
April 20, 2019

My ISP does not give me a static IP. It doesn’t change often, but in the rare case that it has changed I never discover it before I actually need it.

So. I wanted a very simple way of auto-updating the record. I didn’t want to bother with a thirdparty client from something like dyndns (and I didn’t want to pay for anything).

As I use Cloudflare as dns service for all domains I own I could just use their API and solve it with a oneliner, but doing it with Ansible is more readable

August 30, 2018
Earlier this summer Microsoft announced Static Website Hosting for Azure Storage in public preview. An affordable way of hosting websites where you don’t need any server side logic. Instead of paying for, securing and updating my own Virtual Machine I decided to check it out. This of course led me deep down a rabbit hole thinking about resurrection my personal website in some way. Instead of doing this the boring way and just upload some good, old fashioned, HTML I thought why not #RubDevOpsOnIt and use a build pipeline in Visual Studio Team Services and a static site generator to create something cool?